The League of Nations Mandate For Palestine

Israel's land title deed from the world
The League of Nations Mandate For Palestine is an international agreement giving to ONLY the Jewish People national and political rights in the Land of Israel.
The Mandate For Palestine was incorporated generally into Article 80 of the UN Charter in 1946. As an international agreement included in Article 80, it is far more weighty under international law than any nonsensical UN General Assembly non-binding Resolutions.
The Mandate for Palestine represents the international community’s recognition of the need for the “decolonization” of Palestine (from its 400 year occupation by the Turks) and the reconstitution by the Jewish People, its original inhabitants, to the Land of Israel. Decolonization was the purpose of the three “Class A” League of Nations Mandates in the Middle East covering the former Turkish Empire’s colonial territories (Syria / Lebanon, Mesopotamia and Palestine) and the eleven other Mandates worldwide covering colonial territories of the former German and Austrian empires.
The Mandate For Palestine should be brought front and center in the defense of Israel — and not be forgotten.
The Israeli Government’s adoption of an international legal, diplomatic and political position based on the international agreement known as “The Mandate For Palestine” is paramount.
This treaty is a veritable “cannon” in Israel’s arsenal to be used in the defense of Israel and not a “pea shooter” like other arguments made in the legal defense of Israel. This treaty should have been used and relied on by every Israeli administration over the past many decades.
It is a pity that the name of this treaty, “The Mandate For Palestine,” is so unhelpful if not misleading — although a quick examination of the treaty reveals it to be a very strong Zionist document: An 11 page document where “Jew,” “Jewish” and “Zionist are mentioned 14 times.
It would have been more apt and no doubt more appreciated if it had been named “The Agreement For The Re-establishment of The Sovereign Jewish Nation in The Land of Israel.” Alas, however, we are stuck with post World War I era terminologies of The League of Nations relating to “Mandates” and “Mandatories.”
Too many times the utterly false claim is made that “Israel illegally occupies Palestinian Land” — and the Israeli side does not have an appropriate legal response. This is a travesty and unnecessarily hurts Israel in the opinion of much of the world. For example, our side’s typical indirect responses such as “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel gives Arabs full opportunities in the country, Israel is a high tech center and Israel helps Haiti earthquake victims” neither directly respond to this false legal claim nor refute the lie that “Israel illegally occupies Palestinian Land.”
The truth is that this entire matter was resolved under international law more than 100 years ago by The League of Nations Mandate For Palestine unanimously adopted by 51 nations on July 24, 1922 (and by the United States in a separate treaty with Great Britain in 1924) which recognized only the Jewish People’s indigenous rights and historical connection and for this reason vested only in the Jewish People sole national and political rights to the Territory of Palestine (Eretz Yisrael).
We should say so!
Knowledge of The League of Nations (Not “British”) Mandate is very important in countering the lie stated by the Palestinians and their supporters that “Israel illegally occupies Palestinian Land.”
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